Temperature in brooder??


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Aug 17, 2011
I got chicks due to hatch out on monday and i'm worried about the temperature in the brooder, i'm scared i will cook them. Where should i position my thermometer to get accurate reading or should i have more than 1 in there in different positions?.
I want to get the brooder up and running and get the temperature right before they hatch, just really scared that i won't be positioning the themometer right and i will end up killing them.
Any help will be great, thanks.
If possible stick your thermometer at chick level. Watch their behavior and play it by ear. I have found that the recomended 100 degrees is a tad too warm and they tend to migrate to cooler areas of the brooder.

Best of luck with your hatch and babies!!!!
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Usually recommended is 95*F the first week, dropping by 5*F each week. Even that is often reported to be a little too warm.
AZB... is right that the chicks will move to cooler areas of the brooder. I like to have one end of the brooder(dog crate) with the light on it, and the other end with no heat. That way they can choose where they are comfortable.
If they get chilled they will peep loudly, and huddle together for warmth.

Don't worry, they are tough.

Thank you for the replies, not sure how i will position a thermometer at chick level unless i hang it from some thing but will definately try to do that.
I just put my little thermometer in the pine shavings under light...they peck at it a lil but they seemed to stop now. I have more of an issue keepin a constant temperature (I have em in new coop outside) between night and day...too cold or too hot. Added 2nd 250w lamp and seems to work better though temps are below 90 in AM at 7 and above 95 when I get home at 5. I do think having areas out of light helps them find equilibrium.....I am newbie though and curious as to what affect the temp flucuations will have on peeps (2 weeksold).

Pic of themometer in my chick pen
My week olds seem to prefer temp lower than the standard 95. When they sleep they always move to the cooler end of the brooder box. Just put the heat lamp in one end. They are very smart about figuring out what they need.
Thank you all for sharing with me, i'm new to this and want to make sure i get it right. I do plan to position lamp at 1 end of the brooder so that the can escape to the other end if they get too hot.
Mine too! Don't worry about small temp. fluctuations. If you're shooting for 95 under the lamp and it drops to 90 in the early hours, that's not a big deal. Or if you're worried, shoot for 100 directly under the lamp, and they'll move to the perimeter of the light (which is ideal anyway) to meet their heat needs. Other than the first few days, mine seem to prefer cooler than the general guidelines. Mine are about 10 days old and seem quite comfy in temps around 80-85. I've never done chicks in summer time before - it's pretty nice/easy
I have never used a thermometer before. I have heard that if you try to make it exact that it will drive you crazy. When you put them in their watch their behavior. If they are all snuggled in together, then they are too cold. If they are all crouching away from the light its too hot. I put mine in and checked on them every half an hour and when they were just exploring and seemed comfortable then I left them alone. I found that every time I would move the lamp to decrease the temperature 5 degrees I would move it up 6 inches. Every time I would change the temperature, I would check on them a little while later to make sure they are comfortable. Good luck!

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