Temperature inside coop is 49 degrees now and still dropping??


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Apr 3, 2013
Our 6 chicks were moved to the outside coop last week and we just had a huge snow storm here in CO. Temps tonight will get down to single digits. We have a 250W red heat bulb and the inside thermometer reads 49 degrees. My question is what temp is too cold? They are more large size breeds bred for the winter so we've been told.

Your comments would be appreciated!


Mrs. K

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Nov 12, 2009
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how old are the chicks? If they are feathered, and they have protection from the wind, and they have enough feed, I would not worry unless the outside temperature got 20 below zero without additional heat.

But really, if they have feathered I would not worry about the coup temperature, but do make sure they have extra feed, and even a little corn meal. You really probably do not need the heat lamp.... and do check your wiring, because they can cause a fire.

Feed = energy = heat. They should produce more than enough heat to stay warm enough.

Mrs k
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Mar 4, 2013
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they are 9 weeks old tomorrow.........they r still on chick feed

Im with Mrs K if they are fully feathered out a cold draft and dry with heat lamp they should be ok, with your guys weather getting snow in may. it will help them acclimate to the weather better instead of always staying warm then when they get older and get hit with a cold front mine are same age im in Oklahoma getting a lot of wind it will get down to about 32 I have a heat lamp for the smaller chicks so they can goto it but most of the time they don't even use it you should be ok but im not an expert.

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