Temperature once chicks are hatched.


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Apr 17, 2014
What should I have my temp at when the chicks are starting to hatch and or have hatched and there in my incubator. My wife is worried that the chicks inside the incubator may get too hot if the temp is left at 100 once chicks are out of the egg and if chicks hatch and others haven't should the temp stay the same?
I need to know also what should i do to the chicks once they hatch, how long do they stay in the incubator
They cam stay in the incubator for upto 2 days and then u have to put them in the brooder with some water and food
I heard i needed leave them in there 24~48 hours to let the chicks lungs asorb the humidity? Also if the chicks start to hatch and others haven't but some is out of the egg, what do i do?
Nothing they are fine they will just walk around the eggs they wont do anything to them, they'll leave them at peace to hatch
But the 100 degree temperature won't harm them? It's a still air incubator little giant model. They stay in that temp how long?

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