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Aug 11, 2017
We have two 11 week old and ten 8 week old chicks in a brooder inside. It's gotten to be too much. We can't keep up with the smell and mess. They are also bored.

I have read numerous numerous articles that chicks can go outside at 8 weeks old. None that I've read have said what's too cold.

We are in Maine. Right now the temps get in the high 30s to mid 40s during the day. At night the mid to high 20's or higher. Is this too cold. My gut instinct says yes, but am looking for guidance please.

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Wean them gently to the outdoors. Mine go out way sooner!!!
They are fully feathered and will be fine, but that's a big change all at once. If your coop is well built, and they can huddle in a warmer spot in it, go for it. Try them out there during the day, with their brooder on it's side in the coop if possible?
Do you have a garage they could transition into now?
Spring chicks are best! And brooding outside!
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They can take the temps as long as they get a gradual transition to it. I'd give them a heat option when it's below freezing whether that is a heat source in the coop or they come into the garage on really cold nights. When mine were transitioning in those temps and colder there were days when I'd lock them in the coop so it was way colder than the house, but they weren't getting blasted with wind and/or snow. That way if I wasn't home I knew they were safe, otherwise I'd find them huddled and shivering in an exposed corner of the run or something. They don't instantly understand that they should run up the ramp and hide out in the coop when they get cold or it rains/snows, especially since they have never lived in the coop before.

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