temperature swing inside incubator, what's safe range

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9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
i have my bator running, it is homebuilt, using two 75 watt bulbs wired to a hot water heater stat, i have noticed that it drops to 95 before it kicks back on, and up to 102 before it shuts off. what is a safe low range and what is a safe high range,?
~I didnt buy the one like everyone else mine is more of a sealed unit so i have to move mine close to the bulb to reduce the temp might be worth a try.

i have mine a bit closer to 98 and 102 but sometimes it spikes 103 so i then panic mess with the dimmer and end up with 95-100 its somewhat frustrating.

or do the hole drilling that makes them more sensitive too.

i would really like a wafer thermostat but i cant find any in the uk at all to buy??

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