Temperature to hatch in a still-air incubator?

Oct 16, 2020
Hey guys.

Due to a backup of hatching eggs, I'd like to take some eggs I have in my fancy nr360 incubator and transfer them into a backup still-air incubator to finish their hatch.

I may even just do this for lockdown only, so I won't have to hand turn eggs.

What's the correct temperature to set for a still air incubator during lockdown?
In still air incubators you will have various areas that are hot and other areas that will be cool. The best way to set the temp is to measure the temp at the top of the egg, should be around 99.5°F, in order to get that temp, the incubator thermostat should be set at 102 to 103°F.
Perform 'dry runs' on the incubator until you find the right setting to get the desired temperature at the top of the egg.
If using a foam incubator, be sure to watch out for 'spikes' in temperature, they are prone to spiking!

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