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Mar 2, 2011
So I thought the temperature my chicks are at is 98 degrees. But today the thermometer shifted to directly UNDER the light, and showed 120 degrees! It had previously been in the corner, where the lamp met the side of the bin. Of course, the chicks can spread out, and do on the other sides of the bin. If you saw my earlier post, I lost a chick earlier today, to a pasty butt. Should I adjust the temperature? If so, what is the optimal temp directly under the light, and also around the edges? The house temperature will drop about 10-20 degrees when I turn off the house heater later tonight. Currently, the chicks are under a 50 watt bulb, about 8 inches above them.
umm..that is way too hot!

95 is about right the first week..then lower it about 5 degrees each week from what I've read..

pasty butt is also due to high temps from what I've read..and a few other things..

so raise that lamp!
How old are your chicks? When you get the temp just right, they will spread out and be busy eating, drinking and sleeping. When they sleep, if they are comfortable, they will flop down with necks stretched out and wings out a little and look ridiculous. If they are too cold, they will huddle together, and smaller chicks will try to get under bigger ones. If they are just a little cool they will fluff their feathers up when sleeping. If they are too hot, they will pant with their mouth open and feathers will be tight. If you watch them, adjust how you think they need (up or down) then watch again - you will find their perfect temp.
I do have to move my light down about 2 inches during the night - usually the middle of the night when I wake up for a minute. If I put it down before bed they get too hot.
Mine were two weeks old when I got them and for us, a 45 watt infrared bulb works great. I have an adjustable stand so I can raise / lower easily.


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