In the Brooder
7 Years
Jun 26, 2012
with 2 day old chicks. I picked them up today and have a light, food and water with them. Their "brooder" is about
25X15X15, The co-op sent me home with a 250 watt bulb for their warmth.( I don't have the lid on. Just laying across the far end from
the light.) Two are under the light. Two are in the opposite corner
and one is in the left corner from the lamp. They all seem happy and are asleep. They "played" a bit after I put them in there. They eat and drink heartily. The temperature is 94 and has been for about
two hours. I haven't seen a baby chick since I was a small girl so I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants. My grandchildren are over the moon. I've always had
hens but this is our first baby bunch.

I have a 9 year old leghorn who has laid an egg every day since I got her as a pullet. Is this unusual? I didn't think chickens lived this long. Her three sisters all
lived to be 8 but they had quit laying.

Toodles, Pat and beasties
Sounds like you are right on with the temp on the brooder. The rule of thumb is to start at 95 and decrease by 5 degrees a wek until they are feathered.

A better indicqtion is the chicks behavior. Yours sound content so Ithink you are good.

As far as the hen laying so regular o long, I think you hae a special one! Others may know better but sounds pretty remarkable to me.
That's definitely a special hen! Wow!

The temperature is just right. If it's too cold, they'll let you know with loud, unhappy cheeping. If it's too hot, they won't be anywhere near the light.
Where is your brooder set up? You need to be extra careful when brooding in a tote. The chicks need enough room to get away from the heat. If you have them in the house, a 40 - 60 W bulb should be sufficient. the temp at the far end of the tote, away from the light should be able to drop down to 70 degrees.

Pat, the 9 year old leghorn is quite impressive. I started my flock last spring, and just added 3 Rose Comb Brown Leghorns this year. I could only hope to be so lucky!

BTW, I had my chicks in a tote, and almost cooked them a couple of days ago... 100W bulb with a dimmer switch. Even with it dimmed a lot, and the temp checked regularly, the temp got up to 110. They are now down in my garage in a 3' x 6' tractor, so if they get warm, there's plenty of room to escape the heat.

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