Temporarily Breaking Up the Band

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Martington Bear

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May 13, 2022
As you may recall from my intro, we went big and started with plenty of birds in two different groups - 15 from Tractor Supply back in early March, and 31 from a hatchery in mid April. Now the hatchery group has outgrown their space, and we have decided to split them into two groups.
Also, we eventually plan to build a coop large enough to house all the birds, including the TSC 15 that we started before the large group arrived from the hatchery.

So, two questions present:

1 - any reason not to split up the hatchery group for temporary housing while we build the larger coop?

2 - any problems we should anticipate when we reunite that group, and subsequently merge them into the 15 original birds that are maybe a couple months older than the group of hatchery birds?
If possible I wouldn't split the group's. They than will need to establish the hierarchy again when brought together. The older they are the more likely there is to be fighting and bullying.

You also may have troubles later integrating young ones with younger ones. Expect some bullying from the older batch.

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