Temporarily Housing Chickens in Garage


Jul 7, 2018
SE Kansas
I’m not sure where to put this thread, sorry.

I read one way to make sure your coop doesn’t get too cold is to paint the wood so it doesn’t absorb moisture. My coop does seem to get very damp, I’m trying to fix it. Anyway, obviously the chickens can’t be in there for a couple days. How would I go about making them comfy I’m the garage? Should I try to partition off a small section for them? I have no idea how I would do that, but I’m pretty handy. I put their coop together myself?
They’re 21 weeks old. I have six of them. Any ideas how to make a temporary partition cheaply and not too time consuming? It’s not too cold yet, but it will be soon so wanted to winterize their coop as quickly as I can.
I kept mine in garage last winter because we were in Montana I did miniature coops and runs but if yours is temporary just make sure there no shiny screws or nails they will eat shiny things lol
You could use a reliably correct hygrometer to see what the inside humidity is.
Likely, if the coop is closed up too tight, the humidity from respiration and feces will skyrocket.
You don't need to concern yourself with cold but, as you are aware, humidity is a different story.
In bad winters I put my flock in the garage as well. I use a baby cage (I’m having a blonde moment. Can’t remember what they are called. Baby cage is the best description. You know. Those little fenced in areas for little babies to keep them safe) and take off one part of the baby fence and place it on top so they can’t fly out. I put hay on the ground with there feed and water. Also I put a thick broom or something across the part of it so they can roost at night

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