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    Jul 22, 2008
    Can I successfully separate my roo from the girls? He apparently is in his teenage hormone years (about 9 mos old) and won't leave the hens alone. He has 10 hens and he has mated them until they are terrified of him, they are missing back feathers, and now some are starting to lose neck feathers. Can I separate him for a while without him becoming aggressive? I have a way to separate him, although he will still be able to see his girls. Will this frustrate him because he can't get to them? He started to show aggression toward me but I put him in his place and so far so good. I'm worried if separating him will make him agressive since he can't do what roos are supposed to do. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do? Does anyone know how long a roo is in their teenage years? I really don't want to get rid of him, but I may have to because my egg production has become almost nonexistent so I know my girls are stressed!
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    I would isolate him and give the girls a break. He may get anxoius but I don't think his aggression will be affected. If he shows aggression just keep him straight. It can take a while for feathers to grow back but a least they will not be harrassed. My rooster is a 1 year old and going strong. this time of year they get really active as mother nature turns on the hormones. You will see this type of behavior for a while I am afriaid. You can let him in with the hens from time to time and isolate him after he has visited with the ladies. Good luck.
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    It`s doubtfull that your roo has stressed the girls enough to stop laying. If you read a few of the new posts here daily, you will see that many folks have low egg production and, for some reason, lots of fowl seem to be losing feathers this winter.

    As for separating him, It can be done, but whether it makes him flip out is up to his psychological makeup. If you do, it`s best if he can`t see the girls, as it will definately stress him, especially since he considers them "his women".

    In my humble, but experienced opinion, leave him with them. By the time he`s a year old, he should be a gentleman.
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    I agree with Lollipop. My Thor has been with the girls since hatch, but is just now getting a real chance at mating since I re-homed my other rooster.
    Thor is a bit clumsey at mating still and the girls are putting up with it. It hasn't affected their laying at all.

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