Temporary coop and run


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Hey everyone-
I know there have been a million posts about dog runs, but I just need to run this idea by chicken people.

We are moving to a new house, giving up our BELOVED coop that is built like Fort Knox, completely predator proof.
Of course I built is before I had chickens, so they have always been safe since they were tiny.

But now I have 12 full grown girls, who are going to need a temp coop, while we build a new permanent coop that will be another Fort Knox.
So I built a solid plywood coop, with ventilation and a door, the back opens for retrieving eggs. The girls will be locked into the coop at night, and let out in the morning. We live in an area with so many coons, possums, an occasional mountain lion, coyotes and there have even been a few bears lately. (all half an hour from downtown los angeles, go figure.

Anyway, I want them to be safe. I want to put the coop inside a chain link dog run, which will include a chain link floor. I will then wrap the entire run in hardware cloth and zip tie it to the chain link. Like a big wrapped box.
My question is the fence door. I can't wrap that in hardware both, so I am worried critters will squeeze through the gate frame.

Any thoughts? Am I completely paranoid?
Mink or weasles and small coons can squeeze through some tight places, no you are not being paranoid, they really do want to eat your chickens. I don't think kennel fence is the best, but if nothing can get into the coop at night you should be OK..
I know. Chain link is too open and Coons can reach right though. That's why I think I should cover the chain link with hardware cloth, securing it tightly to the chain link.

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