temporary day pen built!

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  1. trulyviolet

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    Aug 5, 2008
    it is very temporary but i got a day pen up next to the house.

    thank you all for the brain storming

    i got two old dog excersize pens
    one is taller then the other 42" and 36" respectively
    i arranged the pens so that they are about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide
    with the higher side to the back of the house
    then zip tied heavy lattice panels over so it slopes
    then i clothespin-ed really heavy black plastic for a roof
    and partly for some sides
    added a pallet for a floor with plywood
    and then dried leaves for bedding

    i have the ducks in there

    they love it
    i love it
    it's right by the house so no worry about falling

    i am going to attempt to reproduce it in wood with the roof hinged to enable easy cleaning, as well as a 'side door' for the poultry to enter.
    it will also be a lot longer eventually
    and elevated about 4"-6" with a solid floor
    as well as a seperate smaller area for my drake....

    again thank you all so much

    i put the temporary run together in the midst of that bad storm we had the other day in pennsylvania
    and it did ok!

    again i am so grateful


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