Temporary housing for Juveniles - Run question

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    Until I can get my real coop built, I build a temporary coop. Tmep coop is a 4X8 osb about 2 feet tall. I have 10 birds about 6 weeks old.

    Question is on the run. I have Tposts and about 50 feet of welded wire (4 ft) and plenty of 3 ft chicken wire.

    Do I need to worry about the chicks flyingout? They might be there 4-6 weeks until the real coop gets built. i am not burrying the wire as it is temp, should I reinforce the bottom with chicken wire and curl up the bottom(on outside of course) to protect from digging? Or should I not worry about it...

    Planning on run 10 X 20....
  2. CarriBrown

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    I wouldn't be concerned about the birds flying out (but chances are they will at least try). What you need to worry about is what can get IN the coop/run. Chicken wire is enough to keep chickens in, but it will not keep predators out.
    You probably should do something to keep them from digging, but think about what is in your neighborhood that would like to eat chickens (dogs, cats, hawks, owls, coons, coyotes, etc.).

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