Tendered to Local Post Office... *small rant*

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    Well, I figured since I haven't been on much latley, I could use this small space to do a quick rant... So here goes:

    Waaaaaaaay back on Monday, June 28th, I ordered some clothes online for a certian event this coming weekend. I knew that with the holiday and all, delivery would be a bit delayed, but I've never had trouble with UPS. I was super excited. Money has been tight, but I've put in a BUNCH of OT at work, so I treated myself to a small splurge and saved the rest. What girl doesn't like a new outfit once in a while? Even a country girl like me....
    Anyhoo, so life goes on and I had forgotten about the package for a few days. Come Friday I was thinking... Hmm.... That package should be coming soon. I should check my e-mail and track it. Well, low and behold, NO E-MAIL! So now, the only thing I know is that this company has charged my debit card $xx.xx last Monday and I have nothing to show for it 5 days later on Friday. I was getting a little worried.
    Well, on Saturday, I finally get a conformation e-mail with tracking info. It says my package is next door in Illinois and that it is on it's way... UPS. Ok, so thats fine. I knew they would have Sunday, and probably Monday off, so I might get it Tuesday. Well, at 4 something in the morning Tuesday it says "tendered to local post office". Now here is is Wednesday, and still no package. WTH???

    So I did a little research and found out that this is a normal practice for UPS. They call it their "basic service", but bottom line is, they get paid for the shipping, but they drop off said package at your local post office and USPS does the legwork in the end. According to my "reputable source" (google) lots of people are unhappy about this, even some postal unions, because they are apparently not getting a cut of the shipping that the consumer pays, yet they are actually doing the delivery.

    The bottom line here is this. From now on, I will NEVER order from this company again, I was very unsatisfied with their service [​IMG] Also, when given the choice for shipping methods, I will not choose UPS. I bet if the package would have went USPS, they would have had it here last week, or at the very latest, yesterday.

    /rant and thanks for listening. [​IMG]
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  2. Pretty darn sneaky... given how our government tends to use/abuse/control businesses (particularly lately banks for example) I would have figured it was the other way around... why in the world would USPS agree to do this... more work... NO funds... makes absolutely no sense at all.

    There must be some reason for this... I hope it's not that UPS is in trouble... USPS has a hard enough time keeping up with demand as it is... if they have to takeover UPSs work too... yikes.

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