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    We recently spent a week in Tennessee visiting with hubby's parents and prowling around down there. They're just north of Crossville, and on Peavine Road in Crossville there's a neat little shop called The Rusty Rooster, I think it just opened this month. They were selling nest boxes there, big 12 unit things, but they were decorated up so cute, I wanted to share one with you all:


    I went in there looking for something for my garden. I've got a new herb garden out front that I had wanted to put a birdbath in, but couldn't afford it. I ended up finding a neat concrete pineapple that I thought might look good in there, I was right! Tt was much cheaper than what I had planned in there, and I think it's better than what I originally had wanted!


    Here's a closeup:


    If anyone is down in that area, that shop is well worth looking up!
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    Apr 21, 2008
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    That looks fabulous! [​IMG]
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    Ooh! I'm so happy you mentioned that place- I'm not too, too far from there. I think an outing is in order... Your garden is very pretty by the way! I love your new pineapple.
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    Really pretty design!!! Your garden, and the nestboxes!!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Make sure you tell them a Yankee sent you their way! [​IMG]

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