tent caterpillar spray


8 Years
May 2, 2012
Alright…this isn't a pest for my chickens, but it could affect them. should this be in "health instead? if so, feel free to relocate this post...

We seem to be having a tent caterpillar infestation this year and the husband wants to spray them. I am worried about my chickens, who free-range in the area. Is there anything that will kill tent caterpillars but won’t harm my chickens?
You're not the only one with a tent caterpillar problem! At first my chicks treated them like any other bug, and devoured every single one. Now...they ignore them

They are all over everything. My house, my van, out lawn chairs...not to mention all the greenery they are devouring, like my pussy willow tree. I see them all over the inside of the chick run too...and my chicks (9 weeks old) just walk over them and pay no attention to them at all.

I've started picking every one I see (very time consuming by the way) and either squishing them or throwing them in my pond for the fish. If you discover any safe way to eliminate them, I'm interested!

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