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  1. I searched first, but couldn't what i was looking for. According to my local feed store guy, I should be automatically giving my chicks terramyacin for I guess the first few weeks, regardless of their condition. This along side medicated feed. My chicks are coming vaccinated for Marek's.

    Is this right? commonplace? unusual? ridiculous?
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    Terramycin is an antibiotic. I do not recommend giving that unless you are treating something. I've heard a lot of hatcheries recommending this as well and not sure why. Sounds like you're defeating the purpose antibiotics are for, by using them when they are not needed. If the chicks are being shipped in, start them on vitamins and electrolytes or sugar water for the first couple days to help with stress. Chicks that are not shipped should just be given plain water.

    Medicated feed contains amprolium (to build immunity to cocci). If you are not getting vaccinated for coccidiosis, then yes I would use the medicated chick starter to get them off to a good start.

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    I was told by my vet and a friend who has raised chickens for 25 years not to do it unless you are treating them for an illness and especially if they are on medicated food already, I think that some believe it will make them stronger and grow faster with the antibiotics.

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