Terrimicin(sp) ?

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    Mcm told me to put terimycin? in the water so I got some at the feeed store . it says the package is for 100 galns. I called & the said to put 2 tbsp per gal!!!!!!! That sounds kinda strong, does it not? I put that stuff chick someting in the water already it looks like gater aid-- but it ain't gater aid* BELIEVE ME* - I tasted it- YUCK. & I put the same dose of both in the water 1 gal & 1 quart I have 2 waterers
    Also what about thes for dogs in there water ?
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    I better go get the spelling off the pouch , its the same stuff we used to give to our honey bees
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    Why are you giving it to them?
  4. DLS

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    I had 2 runts die & I called the hatchery . They said to put it in the water just to be safe- or just in case
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    I think I put a teaspoon in a gallon of water when I used it. And yes, it does look like gator aide
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    sp= taramycin
  7. When my chicks arrived from the hatchery they advised i use that, and since Ihad no idea how much I asked and was told 1 teaspoonful per gallon of water, use for 12-14 days. I only lost 1 chick and it does look yucky but it works marrie
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    I have chicks coming from MM on April 21st. Is this a new recommendation from the trouble they had or is this normal practice? I will need to get some to have on hand if they are recommending it. I am glad I read this post so I am aware of it and what it looks like! Thanks for any info.
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    So you are giving quick chick and taramycin? I have heard some of the problems with mcmurray this year, and i am getting chicks in may. I will be using both if thats what works. What does the taramycin do?
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    I believe Taramysin is an antibiotic. I could be wrong though. I'm not sure I would get chicks that came with the recommendation that they be given antibiotics right off the bat.

    We usually order from ideal and were thinking of going with MM this year. But with all the problems we stayed with ideal.

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