Test Hatch Anyone ? 6++ Bantam Shamo Hatching Eggs.

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    Need some one to do a test hatch.

    Originaly saw these beauties about 4 yrs ago in large fowl, and have wanted them ever since. I Then I found they existed in both bantam form. I chose bantams becasue of limmited space.
    I have always been attracted to their very Exotic, they looks very strong powerful , the shamos are very hardy. Shamos are horizontal & hadry featherd & bodied birds. Shamos have a tall leggy stance, sharp peircing eyes, they come in all sorts of colors.

    The males average about 3 lbs. hens are about 2-3 lbs also. SHAMOS are a Japanese Breed of chicken, & have been breed for hundereds of years. They are best known For being Gamefowl/ & can be aggresive & are territorial when other roosters are around, like your everyday typical breeds of roosters.

    They are also bred for poultry shows. Shamos are generally easy to handle and pleasant tempered, they are amazing mothers, & go broody very easy. So eggs have to be collected daily unless you want baby chicks everywhere. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I find them to have the temperment & personality of a cochin or silkie when handled daily.


    For years I was lead to believe shamos roos & hens were mean & aggressive, but was told other wise by a friend. So Finally after years of wanting them , I decided to try them out. [​IMG]

    My first were shamos were shipped to me from Oklahoma. When I 1st recieved them, I opened the shipping box to let them in their new home. [​IMG]

    The the roosters & pullets came running at me ! [​IMG] I was cautious & ready to RUN ! thinking they were going to attack I was ready to get the catching net !

    Was funny now that I think about it, [​IMG]

    & TO MY GREAT SUPPRISE ! They paused & waited at my feet looking up at me, with curious eyes & waited for me to feed them. I feed them by hand, they let me pet them & pick them up & handle them.

    Ever since this, the Shamos are here to stay, & have decided to share them with others. [​IMG] To let their bad rep of being aggresive chicken, dissapear.

    They lay a fairly decent amount of cream color / tinted eggs daily. I am averageing about 3 eggs a day.[​IMG]

    No specific color will is guarenteed, you will get a little of everything, [​IMG] I have two trios currently laying daily, I Have Blacks, Cuckoo, Wheaton, You do have a very high chance of hatching Creole/ golden cuckoo. since I let my cuckoo run with my wheatons.

    This Is a test auction ,

    Eggs will be shipped as soon as payment clears & will be shipped USPS/ by priority mail. we accept paypal only!

    We aren't hatching any shamo eggs yet bacause,
    As our luck would have it, the incubator is full so cant hatch any eggs yet. So all eggs layed will be shipped so chances are pretty good that you will get plenty of extras! [​IMG] although I cannot gurentee this.


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