Tetra Tints are cannibalizing each other


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
I bought 8 Tetra Tints and 8 Leghorn chicks a week ago from TSC. Tonight i checked on the chicks and the Tetras were pecking each other very aggressively. They had started on one of the leghorns ( it had a bit of blood on its tail area) .... I segregated the two species and applied Blue Kote to their wounds. Im not sure what else to do at this point, any suggestions? Is this normal for Tetras? I normally keep RI Reds so thought id branch out. Was this a mistake? Should i go ahead and cull them?
Sounds like they need more space. Chicks can get aggressive with each other if they're fighting over space. Blukoting the wounds was good, but you may want to get a bigger brooder and see if that helps. Also, do you use a white light or a red light? White lights can cause pecking so if you use one I would switch to red.
We use red light.... Each breed has its own home right now. What a crazy night! They are cute little things.. I hope they calm down. I cant stand the thought of losing one because of this!
We culled all the Tetras.. They wouldn't stop fighting.. Only two weeks old and they were trying to kill each other. I will never again make that mistake! They had plenty of room, food, and fresh water. The chick leghorns are happy now at least! I still cant figure what went wrong... I'll probably never know :( its a sad day.. But i learned my lesson
Sorry you had to cull them. It may just be the breed. I noticed that the Tetra Tints at Tractor Supply last year all had blu-kote where they had been pecked. Every one in both brooder bins. Not worth the aggravation and losses in my mind.
Thanks... I've learned my lesson! I'm gonna do a little research before i buy .. It's not worth the emotional stress!

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