Tetra Tints??


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Hello Everyone! I'm new to this and I have a questions. Started with chicks last year. I love them! Just purchased 24 more chicks today(pullets) and was told that the breed was Tetra Tints.
I can't seem to find a picture to see what they are going to look like as adults. Can someone help??
It could be another name for Easter Egger (Ameraucana cross) that lays green eggs.
Thanks for the response. This is a great way to get information!!
They told me that these chickens lay brown eggs. I like them best. I started last year. I have 13 comets and love them!! Decided to increase my flock..lol
Tetra Tints are a hybred specificly bred for TSC. They are white similar to a leg horn but lay brown eggs. They have a high egg production with a low feed intake requirement. Making them cost effective. I have no idea what breeds they used to get these and like any hybred they will not breed true. If you want more you will have to go to TSC. If you go to the google bar at the top of the page and type in tetra tints it will pull up all the threads on BYC about them. I tryed to get some but they are not available in central Fl.
Oh and
I was told by a employee at the TSC that the tetra tint was bred especially for TSC. I have 3 because I love the suspence. Also I got 3 from the specialty breed tub. I hope to post pics. No clue on this end.
I am glad to know they are close to leghorns. I was going to get a couple leghorns this year. That will be my very first white egg layers. Also a relative gave me 3 TSC chicks last year. They were white. They grew up to be white rocks, my very first of that breed. I loved them.

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