tetracycline in yogurt?

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7 Years
Sep 11, 2013
I have five hens and three have come down with nimble foot. I'm treating the worst one individually but I would like to put the whole flock on antibiotics. But they aren't drinking the medicated water and it has been raining so much that I can't limit them to it. Can I place some in a treat I know they like such as yogurt with meal worms or some watermelon instead of mixing it with water first? I want to make sure they are getting the full dose every day. If so how much tetracycline should I put in say a pint of yogurt for five hens?
Apparently it can't. So maybe the watermelon would be better? I could mix the medication into a small amount of water first and then add it to the melon. I'm thinking of using a teaspoon per half a small melon?

Also I would like to clean the roost to try to prevent it coming back. Should I just use a bleach and water solution?
I give all medications orally or by injection, so I can't comment on water soluble antibiotics that I haven't used.

Nimble foot? Do you mean bumblefoot? If so, tetracycline wont do squat for bumblefoot. Tetracycline is used for respiratory diseases.
Surgery is the way to go in removing the infection in the footpad. Here's a link on how to do the surgery, with pics:
BTW: You should follow directions regarding antibiotics, they shouldnt be mixed with anything, except water if the directions call for it.
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