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    Sep 14, 2018
    I'm treating my babies with tetracycline, and disregarded the 5 day egg thing, and let my parents eat the eggs. They were terribly sick in the stomach area for a few hours. However, there was also some eggs in the mix that yolk sacks were wrinkly and loose. Those eggs were laid on may 28 and 26.

    So what happens if you eat tetracycline eggs?
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    Well its possible that whoever eats the eggs, they eat tetracycline too. The main consensus here is they could have an allergic reaction to it or even build up a resistance to the drug if a human ever needs to take it.

    Did you tell them they were eating eggs without a withdrawal period so they could make up their own mind to eat or not or did you slip the eggs in under the radar?
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    Had they eaten your eggs with no problems before you medicated the birds?

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