Tetracyline and Tylan...how long should I wait in between??


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Aug 10, 2009
My hens have had 6 days of tetracyline and nothing has changed. I was able to buy some Tylan 50 today ( the cost up here in Canada was $70.00! if you can believe that!) Anyways, today I gave them plain yogurt and applesauce mixed as they won't eat the yogurt without the sauce. lol How long should I give them between the last day of their tetra treatment and the first day of the Tylan treatment?

thanks so much
If you think it is bacterial, I wouldn't wait--obviously the tetracycline did not work. However, while that could indicate a bacterial infection that is not sensitive to tetracycline, it could also indicate a viral or fungal infection.
thank you, it looks to me like a respiratory problem. Even coryza or m.g. They have sneezing and waterery discharge from their nasels and foamy eyes. Would have started them on Tylan first but I had a really difficult time getting it up here in Canada.

Thanks so much, I'll start them on tylan tonight.

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