Tetratint Thread!!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I am hoping that other that bought these cute chicks at TSC can post pics of how they grow and develop. I know its just another sexlinked breed but it should be fun to see how everyones progresses. So to start out here is my little Tetratint "Tetra"

The day she came home!

At one week!
She? I thought with the sex links the roos were the white ones. I admit I don't know anthing about this new cross though.
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A White Leghorn would be one of the parents in this cross, ( Thus the dominant White color) so they wouldnt be color sexlinked. If they are sexlinked then they would be feather sexed from a Rapid feathering White leghorn rooster on a slow feathering hen strain.

But they may not be sexlinked at all. They are similar to the Austra Whites that Cackle is selling this year which is from a Black Australorp roo on White Leghorn hens, which would be just a production hybrid and not sexlinked.

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