Texas A&M Hatch #3

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    If you go back a few pages you'll see my first attempt at a homemade incubator and hatching my first 25 Texas A&M quail.
    I later found out I did not have enough oxygen reaching the eggs (only had 2 pencil sized holes in the incubator).

    So I tossed out that tiny incubator and finally made a cooler bator. It's works fairly well, but I'll need to make some adjustments later.
    I ordered a 2nd set of eggs (30 this time) and they arrived safe and sound. Sadly.... none of them were fertile. Well at least it appeared to be all yolkers by day 10. :\

    SO NOW this is set #3 It is now day 16. Last night I had a surprise! Egg #31 pipped!!!
    I could not even candle that darn thing. It was so hard to see through, but now it is pipping and I suppose zipping. S/He has made a fairly large pip... and are slowly going clockwise but they sure like to make a large zip line....

    I heard some chirps from other eggs because #31 made a few sounds when my big ol' face was pressed against the viewing window making embarrassing baby bird noises. It's awesome!!!! :jumpy

    FYI these eggs are HUGE! #31 is a medium sized egg. I did end up tossing out most of the larger eggs due to quitters or infertility. I'll have to take a picture. The supplier was someone from West Sacramento via Ebay. I ordered 50 and 38 developed. Now I'm down to 26 and hoping at least half of those hatch.

    I have to wait for them to come out of the shell to be sure they're A&M, but I'm confident they are A&M or Jumbos. I don't think an ordinary bird can lay consistently large eggs like this.

    I'll post pictures later... Especially if they hatch :)
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    Yey so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures!

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