Texas SHows - where to start?

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    How do I find out about Texas Shows? Now that I have a BR Roo that I *think* will grow to be worth trying to exhibit, and I have some blue rocks, and some exhibition quality rouen ducklings from Gordie I'd like to get out there & DO IT! But where to start!?!? I know I am interested in the Beaumont Fair, but don't know who to contact.
    I'd also be interested in Louisiana as I am close to the border.
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    kristi, you can't take your birds in and out of texas without a health certificate each time. texas if very bad about that and that's why most shows in texas are texas birds only. it's a very big hassle.

    anyways, one of the first places you can start is the poultry press. the second is bob choate. he's on this board as black-red. his modern won grand champion at ft worth this year.

    the next one is beaumont. last year it was in october during the state fair. dianna said it was a week later or something this year. is dan dykes your typhoid tester? if so, call him and he can give you the info regarding beaumont. or maybe bob will see this post and answer for you.
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    Sep 23, 2007
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    Thanks so much Michele...that's alot of info. I had no idea it'd be a PITA to go to La.
    Grand Ch...awesome [​IMG]

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