TexasToucan Is In the House!


10 Years
Jan 16, 2010
Hello All! Another Texas transplant (formerly from Alaska) wanting to say thanks to all the members on this forum for the information and laughs they have provided me for the two years I lurked before joining. Originally I had thought to get a few chicks, but my husband (aka "the Enabler") showed me how I could get a lot more. So now, we have around 50 chickens, mostly different varieties of the Orpington (big Orpington lover), as well as a couple of leghorns, easter eggers, welsummers, delawares, among others. We sell eggs and have learned how to process our own excess roosters (I have to admit, that made me prouder of myself than anything else I have done in quite a few years). It sometimes surprises me how much I like my birds. I try not to make pets out of them, but there is always one or two who steal your heart.

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