zsazsa chick

9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
The funny farm
Thank God it's Wednesday! Yep, a new abbr. for y'all. For me anyway. And why, you may ask? Because my favorite show is on tonight... wait for it... wait for it... Ok, you've waited long enough. The Middle! (badabing) So, if any of you are Middle freaks, like yours trully, I'm sure you look forward to Wednesdays, too. Unlike all you Modern Family fans, or you Cougar Townies, or Mr. Sunshiners, we in the middle here are special. We're different from y'all common folk! Heehee. Anyways, there's just my two cent's worth for today.
Which, oddly enough, leaves me robbed of one red cent, cuz isn't it "penny for your thoughts"? Aaah, whatever.

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