Thank you all! She is fine a little underweight but other wise feeling great and getting back in the

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My 26 week old SLW has been making sounds like a kid with phenomena or some kind of respiratory problem. She eyes are matted shut but if she really wants to she can open them. Her eyes seem to be crusty. She has been standing in the pen hardly moving around (I have it for all sick chickens away from the others or new mommy’s) My DH calls it the hospital. Any way she is drinking a little and eating small amounts. She is standing and if she lies down she is able to get back up, however I have noticed a couple times she has been running into the side of the pen. I have seen no injuries or any visible reason for her to be sick.
Please someone help.

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You can buy Tylan 50, and give it orally or as a shot into the breast muscle for 3-5 days. There is Tylan powder for the drinking water also for 5-7 days. Your chicken should be isolated from the others even though they may be exposed already. Warm wet compresses on her eyes may help her get the crusty drainage off them so she can open them. The more she can see, the more medicine she will take. You might want to syringe feed her some or put medicated water into a little food for her to eat.
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