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Jerry C

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5 Years
Mar 17, 2014
Well this is my first try at incubating and I am happy to say it is turning out to be great so far, i couldn't have done it with out all the wonderful information I have soaked up from y'all. I ordered a Sanven 48 Egg Incubator from Amazon with an egg turner. Humidity stayed at 40% and the temp at 100 degrees (99.5 in side egg, did the water bottle test) anyways went into lock down thursday night raised humidity to 62% and temp down to 98 degrees and had my first pip friday night about 6:00pm. Well I woke up this morning and one hatched and several piping, just had another one hatch about 1:00pm. These are Dark Cornish and White Rock Cross and Dark Cornish and Amberlink cross, I set 48 and had 8 infertile and 4 early quitters. I'm hoping to get a good meat and egg layers out of this cross so I can be self sustaining. I did the Dark Cornish with the Amberlink because I like the big dark brown eggs they give and yes I know they are a hybrid but I figure what the heck and give it a try to see what I get, you never know
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So far I have 20 baby's in the brooder, and 2 more in the incubator drying 14 eggs left to go. If they all hatch hat would be awesome.

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