Thank you BYC!


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
I just wanted to say thank you to BYC and all of the wonderful, informative and supportive members. I successfully hatched 6 out of 7 (my first hatch) Number 7 is weak and needing extra care. I have been able to turn to BYC for support all along the way. If I need anything... I turn to you!!! :D:D:D

So all 7 hatched, but the last one isn't doing so well? I'm hope that little guy makes it.

Congrats on such a great hatch!

This really is such a great community.
Yea the little one is still in the incubator. It cracked its shell yesterday morning but could not break the membrane. I waited until noon today to intervene. The membrane was turning dark... Even with lots of water added for humidity. I carefully peeled some shell and saw a poor baby who was exhausted. The yolk sac was not fully absorbed. I let him remain in the shell for several hours but had to help him out after watching him struggle. He or she absorbed a majority of the yolk (I think) only a raisin size was left. I wrapped it in warm paper towels and let it rest for awhile. I have given it the Sav-a-chick electrolytes, cleaned the incubator and put him in...on top of clean paper towels. It has been stumbling around and gaining some strength. It can almost hold its head all the way up. I just pray the little one makes it. The other 6 are chirping away! :)

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