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    I just wanted to thank everyone for your valuable site and information! I'm a chicken nut and have had chickens for several years. I just love them! I've never really had a problem until I got a new batch of chicks two weeks ago. One of the chicks I got was a black cochin. Playing around with them a day or two after I got them I noticed the cochin (Matilda) had a toe that was twisted all the way under her other two toes. It was hard to see because of her heavily feathered feet. I've been agonizing about what to do. She didn't seem to be in pain, but I just can't imagine how uncomfortable it is now or would be when she's older. I searched and found the info on this site about the "chick shoe". Hubby and I made a shoe from a black pipecleaner and used medical tape to splint her toes. She's happy as a lark and getting along fine. Will be keeping an eye on it and hoping this helps her along.

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful help and all your great information!
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