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Aug 17, 2018
southern indiana
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I am so excited to have found this group. I live in Florida, on the east coast, south central part of the state. I have been wanting to have chickens for a while now since I remember my family had some when I was little and lived in the Dominican Republic. I'm a school teacher and my kids are grown. My dream is to some day to buy a house with more land. ( We downsized after kids moved out, and wished we hadn't). Our home currently sits on .24 acre and I have some room in the yard.
Hubby is out buying the first part of our project as I type this. Hoping to use the deep method and incorporating some of the ideas I am seeing here. Love the Carolina Coops but can't afford them.
2 weeks ago I bought 4 pullets from TSC. I couldn't find any for sale locally and didn't know of any other place. One died a few days after, not sure why. The 3 others are doing well. I am not sure what breeds they are. I will post pictures, maybe americauns???
Plan is to build a 6'x12' coop, with the hen house being 6'x4'. We are starting the foundation today. Since our yard has a steep slope we are thinking of building it next to the back of the house.
We have lots of woods and hear there are bobcats, racoons, tons of hawks (I have yorkies and I am always scared they'll take my dogs).
Anyways, I just wanted to say hi from sunny and extremely hot Florida.
Thanks again for letting me join this amazing site.
Welcome to BYC!!

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