THank you for warm welcome & solutions to our rooster problem.


7 Years
May 15, 2012
Hello We are from Ontario, Canada and are having a difficult time since we introduced a one year old rooster and his female sibling into our existing group of 16 hens. Our hens are getting beaten up badly and we have had to remove one girl since her head has an open wound quite deep. We have read about taking care of the wound. But our concern is is this normal for the rooster to be so aggressive. Now we know he was raised with 4 other hens and 2 other roosters. They were fighting alot and had to be separated. Also his sister was not liked and picked on so she was also removed. They both have their beaks no trimmed & our girls all have their beaks trimmed. Our hen house was once a happy place, now our girls are miserable. Any suggestions, Please!!!
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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

I would not tolerate an aggressive rooster under any circumstances. Sounds like whoever had him before decided to transfer their problem to you. Get rid of him, and I don't mean give him away ;)
Hello Northern Michigan
Wow, that was fast. I am new to any kind of communication via computer except for email. So this is all new and excellent. When I say aggresive I mean, in my view, the rooster on the hens so much causing so much head injury. He is not aggressive to us. I still need to read about the "normal interaction between a rooster and his hens" from my understanding the rooster looks after his girls. Also, thank to this website, we found out how to take care of her wound, which is pretty bad, and a few others are down to skin only on their necks. with some blood starting to show. Is this normal when the rooster does his thing. and is it constant. Thank you so much for answering us, we too feel that something must be done. We also have contacted the original owners asking them if they would take back these birds. Thats exactly how we feel, someone else dumped their problem on us, and we let them. Again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can you explain what a normal rooster with hens interaction would be like?
from Sara Jane in Ohio!

I wish I could help ya out with your Rooster, but I am still new to thissite as well as poultry. I haven't gotten into chickens yet, so far just ducks.
Welcome! :) When adding a roo to a flock of hens he should be an older roo. Young roos are just too aggressive. You should cage the new birds you have. This will tame them but it takes time. Look for a rooster that is at least 2 yrs old. Unfortunately there are some birds that can't be tamed but its rare to me. They should be held daily. They should be treated like children when misbehaving. I give mine time outs. Amazingly it works well with my roos. I have over 20 & they all get along or just put up with each others presence. I have wonderful birds. Just a couple bad 1s

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