Thanks everyone for your advice


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
New York
I put pepper flakes in their food and after 2 days, I found this! First egg since Dec 9th!

Now I have a few questions, I have two roos in with my girls. I know my bantam cochin Johnny Cash mounts my cochin Luna. But how can I tell if this egg is fertile? I highly doubt it's from Luna she's never laid an egg. Do I just keep it warm for a few days and see if anything forms? It was pretty cold when I picked it out of the nest.
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Congrats on the egg!
Okay so on a good note we ended up with two eggs today WooHoo! Bad news I didn't get to eat any because my 4 year old claimed them for her dinner :)

So I cracked them open and this is what I found, does this mean that they are fertile?

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