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Dec 8, 2018
Hi i would like to introduce myself, I am a mom of 3 and my two youngest are working on building a flock of chickens. We have 5 buff Orpington hens, 1 Lavender Orpington rooster and 6 barred rock hens. My 11yr old wants to start breeding and selling but I am really New to chickens. If anyone has some advice on where to look into t his more as MN has different regulation s. I tried the extension office here but didn't get much help. I will continue my search as well. We have a Barred rock rooster ready to join his hens as soon as we finish the Orpingtons a new coop.

Thank you to all of you that have posted i have learned most of my chicken knowledge from this forum.


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Apr 6, 2017
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Welcome to Backyard Chickens! We are glad you joined the flock!:welcome BYC is a helpful site providing all of the information you need to know about poultry. There is always space for more members on the BYC roost! A breeding program sounds like a good 4H project for your 11 year old. He or she might start his/her own business potentially. Hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do!
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