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Dec 11, 2018
Hi I am Vicki
I am new to the chicken business. As recent empty nesters ourselves my husband and I decided to fill our empty nest with chickens. I have not owned a chicken in many years but recently moved to a little piece of property to learn about homesteading and raising chickens.
We inherited four laying hens and two roosters with the property but sadly due to not knowing lost some of them early on to predictors. We now have them in a safe area but are always on the look out for those rascal bandits and opossums and whatever else is out there. We are in the woods of central Ohio fresh from the West coast.
We increased our flock when we added six babies about eighteen weeks ago. Four are Americana/aericana cross pullets and two are Barred Rocks, one roo and possibly two. They are all beautiful!
I am looking forward to learning more and increasing our flock again in the future.
We currently have only a barn cat besides the birds.
Thanks for including me.

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