Thanks for the help!


11 Years
Feb 16, 2009
I found this forum about six weeks ago and read all I could about coop building and chicken behavior. I built a playhouse type coop and run on the frame of an old three sided horse shelter.

I picked up two barred rock and two buff orpington a few days ago. My dog is very interested in the chickens but can't get to them because I took the advice offered here and built the coop with the dog in mind.

I noticed when I bought the chickens that they free ranged and had old very large cattle barns to stay in with no roosts other than the nest boxes. The first night they roosted in the next boxes I had built so I knew from reading here to just move them to the roost. One time was all it took and they go straight to the roost now. I'm sure it's not always this easy but thanks to all for all the informative posts.

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