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  1. So finally registered after peepin(haha) for a coupla months. I'm new to chickens, my GF had to have them cause theyr sooooo cute. But they are growing on me and building the coops was a great project for me. Once I can get some pics up I will. You guys will probably call them tractors, but we don't have space for a huge coop. Hmm, maybe its time to buy a house. One is a modified CHICK-N-HUTCH the other is custom built. So they are 4x4x10' total but 2' is henhouse. The nestboxes are attached to the outside to free up floof area, have hinged lids, and have trick floors I designed to make the eggs easy to collect, you just look at the end of the nestbox in the collecter area. there are 4 permanent hens and a "eatin chicken" in each coop. My chicknhutch coop is going to a friend after I build another custom one. I got a lot of Ideas from people here.

    Maybe my coops are a bit on the small side but the thing with chickens is that they are pretty turn-key creatures. As long as they have food and water, they can basically take care of themselves. On some of the farms around here, I have seen chickens thriving in the smallest, smelliest, grossest,dirtiest, etc conditions. There are wild chickens everywhere who peck out a pretty good living. So my theory is why wouldnt four big, fat, hungry hens love it in my 4x10 cozy little coop!

    Oh yeah, the chicks are about 4-5wks and total we have 2 delawares,2 rhode islands, 1 silverlaced wyandotte, 1 ameracana, and 2 barred rocks. And the 2 cornish cross but they are short-timers.

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