Thanks Peeps!


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Melrose, Florida
Woke this morning to find a hatched keet in my bator! I put 5 eggs in it that Sophia had stopped setting on after she hatched out 6. I candled them and thought they might have a chance so popped them in the bator. I saw one had "cracked" late yesterday, heard a loud "peep" last night before going to bed, and woke this morning in time to watch it push it's way out of the shell.

My temp has been ranging between 99.9 to 101.5. I have been having a hard time with humidity but was able to get it up to 72 yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Peeps, without you this baby would never had taken it's first breath!
Congratulations!!! I'm sure is exciting
Aww! That's so cool, glad you got to watch it hatch!!! Congrats! Hope you get a couple more, and maybe one will be a new color!

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