Thanks to those who told me to hold off culling!!


11 Years
Jan 3, 2009
So, about two months ago I made a post as to weather or not I should cull some of my fall '09 cochins. I've had my mottleds for three and a half years, and last year was the first time I actually had a large amount of babies produced (first year was growing my seed stock, second year I had a large amount of chicks hatch, but due to a horrible, horrible accident with a dog, only two survived out of thirty. This past year and a half I've been working on setting eggs and raising stock, as well as selling eggs and some stock.)

Anyways, there were a few birds I was questioning culling. But I am so glad that more seasoned cochin breeders told me to hold off. Here's why:
This was one boy I was positive I was going to get rid of at three months old. Scraggly little bugger, bad attitude, the ugliest crow you ever did hear. But oh my goodness he has simply exploded with feathers and fluff. And he's a nice, dark first year boy with a small comb and it appears he's gone through puberty, (finally!) he doesn't try to kill my hand anymore.
He is almost five months old.


Here are his sire and dam;


I'm really liking the cockerels and pullets these two produce. A majority of them have come in really, really nice.
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he is nice, but are his wings always held straight down like that? that would be a hard one in my book. I just got rid of a few with wings like that. I do like his short back and fluff....
No, they aren't thankfully! I just went and looked through some photos I took about a week ago. Wing carriage looks ok in those pics, but I'll make sure to watch when I go out tonight.
It's hard, especially with the roosters to get them standing right. Mine are always showing off in one way or the other, and I feel myself trying to look at thier wings when they dont think I'm looking. LOL. Roo's are such show offs, they always have a game going, no matter what. Glad his wing carriage is normal, he is cute.
Haha, I must have jinxed myself when I wrote that he decided to start being nice to me, now he's strutting around and acting like a little jerk again
Boys will be boys though!

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