Thanksgiving turkeys

I have people who would like to buy some but I figure that I have about 60.00 each in them as I had to order the poults they offered to pay 50.00 for them but I just have enough for family ready to eat. I told them next year but really I don't want to raise them to butchering out I would rather sell the poults so I'll see how that goes next year. I figure that I'll be lucky to pay for their feed..not counting everything I had to build for them this is my first time trying to raise them I'm just having fun.
Since I don't raise Turkeys I will tell you what I am paying. $4 and change a pound from an organic turkey farm. Yes I was there a couple years ago. That is processed bagged and chilled. Hefty steep to me, but ...Now that I know what it costs to raise healthy poultry not so bad. I had a choice of 3 breeds, I know one was a midget white, The one I chose was a Heritage something or the other. Not the big commercial ones. Dh won't let me raise turkeys But (ha ha) I made a deal with the neighbor that next year I will pick them up and brood them then he gets them from there. I have the brooder set up. He is a fireman and is gone for 24 hr shifts and his wife would be afraid to touch them so babies aren't a good idea. We only want to have enough for the 2 households, not gonna sell or breed them. So I will be doing some reading this winter. Could a cochin hatch a couple turkey eggs and raise them?
Haven't tried my Cochin at hatching yet though they tell me that they go broody quite often. I can tell you that both the Cochin hen AND roo are fabulous parents to my turkey babies. If you get the standard/Giant sized Cochins they are plenty big enough to sit on up to 10 eggs I would imagine.
Oh, and I charge 10 bucks per for week old poults and the price goes up from there until they are young adolescents which go for 25 per live bird. Processed birds will go for 5 bucks per pound.

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