That ain't right


Feb 21, 2019
East TN
Apparently my wife and I have taken this whole bonding with the hens a step to far.
Recently, say the last five or six days, I have been extra busy with indoor chores, and not getting outside till around maybe 9:am or so.
Apparently some of my girls don't like that, and have decided to remind me I have yard chores as well.
For several mornings I thought I heard someone at the door. And once or twice my mutt would go ballistic as well

Turns out two of my hens have decided to peck on the back door till I come out and play.
I don't mind Rodger crowing at the crack of dawn, I am up anyway.
But to have them telling me when to come outside?
That ain't right.
I'm the daddy here.
One of my hens has figured out if she makes a sound like she is dying, (and I mean this is not a normal chicken sound), that I will come out to see what is wrong. So, she uses this sound if she thinks I'm late with the morning or afternoon chicken chores. :lau She's like the little boy who cried "Wolf!"
I have one of those magnetic split screens on the outside door from my 3 season room. My wee little mottled cochin would get cranky if I hadn't done my evening couple of handfuls of mealy worms to get everyone back in the coop and manage to get herself in the screen and jump up on the baby gate a make noises into the dining/ kitchen area to tell me I was being a slacker.

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