That Evil Monkey Stinkeye!! updated...*QUESTIONS*

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Aug 6, 2008
Kenai, Alaska
i have a mystery roo (Monkey Stinkeye) who's attitude was just getting worse and worse. then he started attacking my SSH roo(Sarge) who is very non-aggressive. The Monkey flew at me 2 times, and i ran from him. my hubby saw me and told me that by me running from him, is showing him that he's the boss...and he'll do it every time. the next morning, my SSH roo was bleeding, and that evil Monkey flew at me again, so i caught him, and held him. he was *!@@#$, I know he was cussin at me...but after 10 minutes or so, he changed his mind. I still had to seperate him from Sarge, and I still get the stink eye from him, but he won't fly at me. If I suspect that he might be thinking about it, i point at him and give my own stink eye and say..."what, do you need another hug"

I didn't think about hanging him upside down...I'll keep that in mind.


I posted this yesterday...and just after that, that wicked bird attacked me. he flew at the back of my head, messed up my hair, he bit me! and in my suprise, I backhanded him across the coop.
he was allright, he cussed at me.
I stomped into the house and called my hubs at work. I told him that I was going to wack his head off! he laughed at me.... again. and he told his boss who was standing right there.

the strange part,the boss has a visitor from South America. it's their custom to go in to their yard to get chicken for dinner. i think she was a little grossed by the already dead, and bagged chicken we have at the grocery.
so to make this story short, i got 10 bucks for that evil monkey, while he's going to dinner at the bosses house!
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Yah, for you and your pocket $$.. that's a bag of food or two bags of shavings....LOL

I wish someone would offer me ten $$ for my Stinkeye monkey!! I do not like the way he is with the girls but I don't know if it's normal for them to be sooooo rough or that I am just seeing this for the first time... AND he has started to think he is the boss of the coop/run/yard.. already had several 'run ins'.. I told my dh the next time, I am going to cut his head off and cook him for the dogs if nothing else.. He has one more time..that's it..
Monkey Stinkeye, we hardly knew ya' !! Hope he was tasty because he sure wasn't sweet. When will these thug roosters realize that good behavior avoids freezer camp?

Here's to your SSH as Man of the Coop!
YES! Sarge is back on the throne,'s on old chair in the coop that he loves. he's crowing again too, and he's got his girls back. I kind of wonder what they were having for dinner...And not only did I get $10 for his stinkeye self, they sent my hubs home with 2 big bags of salad trimmings, and old bread. she said she felt she should have paid more for him.

the way I see it, is here, we pay $7-8 for a whole bagged, already cleaned chicken(sometimes more!!). does it make sense to charge more for something they have to kill and clean themselves? I could see if maybe he was a purebreed, or a certain type of bird...Monkey was definatly a mutt.(though he was beautiful, i wish I could find the pic of him. I planned on keeping him, but he was so mean...I don't have the patience for that kind of attitude)

I guess my questions are how much do YOU charge for an evil chicken...and would prices vary for mutts vs. pures? And does it make sense for me to charge a lot more for a live dinner bird vs. a store bought?

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