That Time When the Reclusive Chicken Starts Getting Close - and other photos


Oct 11, 2015
Holly Hill, South Carolina
My Coop
My Coop
I share these photos on the book of faces, but I just don't feel I have enough people there that might really appreciate them. So, here I am to share photos and my experiences with my birds :)

We got Olive and 7 other flock mates almost a month ago. She and a few others have been pretty flighty and uninterested in interacting. She's not the most fearful, but she's one that hasn't given me the death glare, and I just really like her.

Yesterday, I took some BOSS sprouts out to the chicken yard. I didn't pass it out to everyone like I do the oatmeal or mealworms. I kept this to myself to reward the birds that would come check in with me. Olive happened to be nearby as I was treating others, so I tossed her a few. A little while later, she got brave enough to take some from my hand. And after that, she hopped up on the arm of the chair I was sitting in! And then to the back of the chair!

Today, without treats, she still came back. I'm not trying to pet her since I don't want to ruin the relationship that we have a chance of building. I think we're making progress :) She was clearly unamused at me not having treats for her.

Meanwhile, I collected these beauties today. I have 10 ladies, so just 6 more girls to go!

And here's Kitty, a voraciously hungry girl always looking for kibble and willing to knock goodies right out of your hand!

This girl here is THE most standoffish, so it was actually pretty impressive that she was this close to me tonight. I don't have a name for her yet, but it'll come. I do hope she comes around. She's gorgeous and I'd love to keep her in the flock.

Hi! I love your photos! Very pretty birds! They look like they are well on their way to being your good buddies! I love chickens! As far as I'm concerned, they are man's best friends...
My phone was being a butthead earlier, so, a couple more photos :)

Ringo is my favorite. He better not turn into a jerk. He's 23 weeks old today. Not keen on being pet, but since I only do a light touch, he just moves away instead of pecking. He watches me, but so far, nothing threatening. If our relationship stays as it is, I will be satisfied :)

Real beauties! I know how you feel about feeling stupid about loving them so much. I have consciously stopped talking about them to others. I can almost see the dread on their faces. Unless you have them, you just don't know. This is a great place to share our chickie stories. Keep your stories coming!

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