That was a close one...

sunny & the 5 egg layers

8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Yesterday at around 5 o'clock I saw a big bird swoop down in my yard out of the corner of my eye. Then I remembered that half my flock was out in the yard free ranging!
My heart sank and I ran outside. 3 of my chickens (2 australorps and one production red) were huddled right next to the fence. It took me a few minutes but then I found one of my dark brahma's hiding in between a bush and my garage. Then I heard my other production red making some noise (a noise I've never heard before). She was in the run with my other dark brahma so I knew they were safe but she must have known something was up. Phew! I am so glad everyone is alright!

Today I saw a big hawk circling the yard from above. I assume she was the one from yesterday and was looking for my chickens again. From now on, no more free ranging for my flock unless they are supervised!
Wow that was a close call good for you that no one got hurt I think it is a good idea to never let them unsupervised
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I was sitting in my yard supervising my chickens today (I don't always but I have a puppy I am trying to train to be with them to protect them) and one of my little bantams let out a screech (about 20 feet from me) and all the other birds freaked out and went running the opposite direction. When I looked, the bantam was flying and I saw a huge bird flying up over the house (at first I thought it was one of my chickens... I was like, "what the heck!", then I realized it was a huge hawk. Everyone survived the ordeal, I herded everyone in to the coop (which is the garage for now), I was rather surprised when I frantically called them and they all came a runnin'. I try to listen for hawks but this guy came out of nowhere. The chickens usually stay under protection of the trees but now the hawk knows where the birds are so no free ranging for a few days and now when supervising (which will be until they get a protected run), I am going to be much more vigilant. My puppy is an Australian Cattle Herder so I am hoping I can train her to keep a close eye on them but at 11 weeks old, she just wants to chase them.
Wow! Now THAT was a close one. The hawk must have been in a tree watching them. I have a border collie and a hound mix. They both are playing outside in the yard most of the day. So when the chickens free-range the dogs are usually with them. But yesterday, we were just finishing dinner when the hawk swooped down and so the dogs were in the house.
I am glad everyone in your flock survived. They sure are lucky!

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