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Dec 20, 2011
Hi all, I got a batch of eggs a little while back to test my incubator and am unsure of what has hatched (obviously they are chickens but my knowledge goes little further than this) and so was hoping for some help...

All the chicks are now 11 days old - so I realise they are still young but would love to be put out of my misery as I am guessing, double guessing and even triple guessing - I cant seem to stop!!!!

Here is the first....

She (I call them girls till I am proved wrong) is light grey and has a line of feathers running down her legs - you can just make them out in the photos - she had more but they seem to have fallen out.... or been removed for her! She appears to have green legs - and the pads on her feet are really big (dont know if this is important just thought I should let you know just in case

the second...

she was all golden to begin with but has developed these strangely curly? feathers. Again she has what appears to be green legs.... the other thing is that she already has a comb forming.... I wonder if she will be a he but surely it is too soon for that!

the last one is simular to the first....Just darker and without the black spot on its wing and line of feathers down the leg :)

thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me - my husband will love a reduction in the constant "umm, what do you think?" question!!
Wow you are quick!!

That is what I was thinking - I dont really mind either way as they are all going to my mother-in-law but it would be nice to give her some nice looking girls and boys as she is super helpful
No idea on the breed but they're adorable

I think so too - they are really sweet too.. they just love to come out for a scratch in the garden with me. They follow me around like little shadows and think nothing of jumping in to investigate whatever it is that I am doing
They should be pretty chickens when they get out of the cute phase.
There are a few different breeds that have Feathers on their legs. But, since they have very little feathering I don't think that they are pure. Some breeds with feathered legs are Cochin, Brahma, Faverolles, Silkies, Sultans are just to name the ones right off the top of my head.
do you think the second one might be a boy with its comb already developing? i would have thought that it was too soon but i dont know all that much
do you think the second one might be a boy with its comb already developing? i would have thought that it was too soon but i dont know all that much

it is possible but not always the case. id wait a few more weeks and see if wattles and redness developes. that way u know for sure. they are still pretty young. and noting about the 2nd one says cockrel to me yet. the others look like they have rose or pea combs.hard to tell from the pics. the 2nd looks like it has a single comb. thats maybe y u only notice the developement of that ones and not the others
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It looks more to me like your frizzle has a single comb, rather than a rose comb that the other two seem to be rocking. It doesn't look really any more developed than the other two to me. Looks like your first one is a splash. Does it have puffy cheeks? It looks like there may be some muffs on that bird. I think it may be a cochin x, the other two Im not even going to guess! I am jealous though! You have a splash with feathered legs, a frizzle, and a blue that may even have a crest! Looks like blue legs to me...muffed polish mix?
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