The 7th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long!

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by Happy Chooks, Jan 20, 2016.

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    [​IMG] The day before my birthday?
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    My post #'s are wonky too
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    Jun 11, 2015
    same for me
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    Jun 11, 2015
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    Just made these up today to donate for prizes :)

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  6. I can totally see that :plbb

    *goes back to reading*
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    Very pretty! Thank you for donating!
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    Jun 11, 2015
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    Hmmmmm... Sulmtaler eggs are similar in color to Call eggs... :confused:
  10. Hurley

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    We actually have one in our basement that we moved in there sans compressor. Used is for a number of years for hatching hundreds of snake eggs and it worked like a dream. Granted they are a little more tolerant of temp fluctuations and we can incubate in humidity boxes (vermiculite or perlite) so that negates the humidity within the incubator issue, but it was very very stable with a fan, 100 watt bulb with fan blowing on it, and a thermostat. Held temps great and had the best hatches ever with the snakes. It's just sitting down there now, as we downsized (and I moved into chickens), but I've been casually thinking it could surely be used to brood chicks the first couple weeks or something...
    It's just so frustrating. I did have the person shipping specifically put the post office address on the box and mark Hold at Post Office, and gave her my phone number to put on there. I was in the post office on Saturday alerting them that I was waiting on the box, expressed the perishable nature of the contents, and told them it got missent and should be here M or T. I got the blank faced apathetic response from everyone I've talked to, "It's not here." Blink blink.

    I get that no one intentionally tries to make mistakes, but neither does anyone appear to care to look into it. Pretty much the new standard in service, it seems like. It's easy to say "I don't know." The end, not my problem, sucks to be you, welp, time to close up. Or in this case "Tracking says it was delivered." Me: It wasn't delivered. Them: "Tracking says it was delivered." Rinse, repeat. No, "Will leave a note for your carrier" or "we'll look into it" or "we'll call the carrier and ask" or barring trying to help, even an "I hope it shows up." Straight up apathy/not my problem.

    Ah well, hoping it shows up somewhere safe tomorrow.

    I did have them designated to hold at PO (don't know if shipper made her own label or wrote on the box or what). Thinking I may just have to pick a PO not fed from Whitewater. I miss our old post master. Even though I still had to deal with Whitewater, she would make an effort to help me find out what was going on.

    Edit to add: Looks like they got delivered twice this afternoon...still can't find them. LOL

    Delivered, Front Door/Porch
    Feb-01-16, 12:52 PM, PALMYRA, WI 53156

    Feb-01-16, 12:52 PM, PALMYRA 53156
    Out for Delivery

    Feb-01-16, 08:33 AM, PALMYRA, WI 53156
    Sorting Complete

    Feb-01-16, 08:23 AM, PALMYRA, WI 53156
    Arrived at Post Office

    Feb-01-16, 06:39 AM, WHITEWATER, WI 53190
    Arrived at USPS Destination Facility

    Jan-31-16, 17:09 PM, OAK CREEK, WI 53154
    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

    Jan-30-16, 22:06 PM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40231
    Arrived at USPS Facility

    Jan-30-16, 08:50 AM, PALMYRA, IN 47164
    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

    Jan-29-16, 21:34 PM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40231
    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

    Jan-29-16, 00:33 AM, LEXINGTON, KY 40512
    Departed Post Office

    Jan-28-16, 15:50 PM, CRAB ORCHARD, KY 40419

    Jan-28-16, 15:34 PM, CRAB ORCHARD, KY 40419
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